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Find below our Product List

- Technically Specified or Block Rubber (TSR)
- Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber (RSS)
- Latex
- Cup Lump
- Cavendish Banana
- Thick Pale Crepe (TPC)
- Sole Crepe
- Rubber Sticks
- Brown Crepe/Scrap Crepe
- Skim Crepe


Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS)

RSS is mainly used in the industries such as tires, automotive and rubber products etc. 
Apart from smoked sheets,We export Air Dry Sheets which is called ADXL.

RSS can be packed for export as follows

1) 20KG bales
2) 25Kg bales
3) 33.33kg bales
4) 35kg Bales
5) 50Kg bales
6) 111.11kg bales

We have been shipping in wooden pallets, Shrink Wrapped units as well as in loose bales.


Centrifuged Latex

Field latex is centrifuged to manufacture 60% dry rubber contented latex is called “centrifuged Latex” which is mainly used in the dipped product industries such as gloves, condoms, balloons, form and bonding agents etc.


1) High ammonia latex
2) Low ammonia latex

1) In flexi bags(21-22MT)
2) In new steel drums(16.4MT)
3) In new plastic drums(16.4MT)


Cup Lump

We have buying agents in various parts of West Africa who collect the cup lump and ship to various destinations and factories all over the world. The cup lump is either dry before shipment or, if wet, is shipped in plastic bags and containers which are specially lined with plastic sheets to prevent water seepage.

main buyers of Cup Lump is TSR manufacturers in the world. Also we maintain consistent quality of which DRC is about 70% as cup lump well dried before the shipment


Cavendish Banana

Cameroon is the first exporter of bananas from the African Continent due to its special characteristics of soil and climate, which is why the Cameroon banana is known for its quality and flavor in the international markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

Variety: Cavendish Banana.
Class: "A" Premium. First Class
Finger Length: 18 cm Minimun.
Finger Diameter: Min. 39 mm - Max. 46 mm.
Number of fingers per hand: Min. 5 until 12 fingers.
Fruit Age: Min: 10 weeks - Max. 13 weeks.
Box: Boxes 22XU (18.14 KG or 19.45 KG Net) 960 or 1080 boxes in palletized container
Packing:Cover, at the bottom cardboard and Vacuum bag or polipack


Thick Pale Crepe (TPC)

This grade of natural rubber is a premium grade made from raw field latex which has high level of cleanliness. Also this is called “food grade” due to superior quality among other grades of natural rubber in the world. Pale crepe does not contain any leachable chemicals and protein level naturally present in rubber is reduced to a minimum during the production of this grade. Hence latex crepe is a specialty grade in the world

TPC is mainly used in the industries such as adhesive solution, surgical and pharmaceutical appliances, sports and consumable equipment, shoes, infant and toys items manufacturing etc.


Sole Crepe

Sole crepe is an improvement of thin lace crepe rubber to be used in the winter shoe industry. Because sole crepe provides the best grip on icy surfaces. It is also best for manufacturer of soles for those who are sensitive to static electric currents generated between the ground surfaces and the shoe sole.

By today sole crepe is now becoming popular in the fashionable shoe industry around the world too.


Rubber sheets are packed in corrugated cartons which is 83.33kg net weight. According to the thickness of the sheets, the total number of sheets can be varied.


Rubber Sticks

Rubber sticks are an improvement of sole crepe and use for cleaning purpose as a tool of minimization of machine depreciation etc.

There are two main colours of rubber sticks

White coloured rubber sticks
Honey Coloured rubber sticks.


Rubber sticks are also packed in corrugated cartons as same as sole crepe.


Brown Crepe / Scrap Crepe

Brown crepe is made from cup lumps, tree laces, shell scrap and earth scrap. After collecting these raw material,they are washed off to clean before processing.brown crepe is mainly bought from TSR factories as their raw material of which has around 99%-100% DRC.Apart from TSR/Reprocessing factories,brown crepe is used in various industries such as mat, rubber products etc.

Rubber is packed in 25kg bales in poly bags whilst 15-16MT can be loaded per FCL in loose form.


Skim Crepe

Skim rubber is produced by a by-product during the preparation of centrifuged latex. The rubber content of the skim latex is very little which is around 4-6% with high amounts of non-rubber substances. Skim latex or coagulated skim can be converted in to skim crepe or skim block which is mixed to bring down the dirt content of compounding rubber

Also Skim crepe/block is used in many industries such as conveyor belts, mats, rubber products, rubber bands etc

1) Skim Crepe-25 kg bales in poly bags
2) Skim Block-33.33 kg bales


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