For CMCANCUPLUMPS the timely and smooth execution and shipment of orders is absolutely central and is at the very heart and soul of the service that we provide.
Our Shipping team consist of very experienced personnel who coordinate closely with suppliers, customers, shipping companies, banks etc. to ensure that shipments are done on time and documents are processed efficiently and smoothly.
We take pride in our very strong track record and reputation as a service provider and rubber supply chain manager. It is something that we take very seriously because it affects our credibility. Our back office or shipping operations are second to none.
The relatively large size and scale of our operations allows us to establish very strong relationships with carriers and forwarders and guarantees that we always get the best service and rates from them.


We insists on sourcing all of its products from pre-approved suppliers to ensure that the goods that we supply meet the exacting quality control standards set by our customers.
For each and every shipment we ensure the uniform and consistent standard of quality for natural rubber that we supply.
Even so quality issues and claims arise from time to time and our company takes each and every quality claim very seriously. We undertake full responsibility even though we might not be directly involved in the production process.
Our staff respond speedily and are always available to personally inspect any claim arising from any of our shipments.
With the cooperation of producers we try to resolve our customers’ quality issues as expeditiously as possible.
Our local staff have both technical knowledge and extensive experience to be able to provide our customers with practical solutions and advice in the events of such quality problems.


As part of our risk management strategy we deploy integrated and dynamic trading software allowing mark-to-market valuations and constant monitoring of all trading positions.
We have strict trading limits and hedging policies that guide us and allow us to scale-up our trading operations and grow our volumes and business in a highly volatile market environment.
Our knowledge and expertise in futures markets allows us to manage market risk on behalf of both our customers and suppliers. Our team of experienced traders.
Our local and global presence in the industry enables us to gather market and credit information and intelligence and to react to risk adverse situations in a timely manner.


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